Link Post for December 14th

This is the A2SM Link Post for December 14th:

  • The Power of Newsletters – They might seem a little old-fashioned, but newsletters can be a great way to stay in touch with customers and prospects, and increase revenue to your business.
  • Launches Twitter Video Search – Twitter video service today launched a real-time search engine for videos shared on Twitter. Twitvid not only tracks videos shared through its own service, but any YouTube link shared on Twitter. The videos will be ranked by relevancy, timeliness and popularity.
  • This Post’s Headline Was Made Irrelevant by a URL Shortener – GigaOM – Facebook and Google both now have their own URL shorteners to help users share links that are short and simple. Facebook’s,, isn’t exactly rolled out yet, but it appears to automatically change links when they appear in its mobile interface. Google, meanwhile, introduced for its Toolbar and for sending feeds to Twitter through Feedburner, but says the product could be expanded.
  • Goes Pro, Tells To – The short gloves are off. Earlier today, both Google and Facebook got into the URL shortening game with and Google’s move in particular is a direct challenge to, the rising independent standard among link shortening services.’s response is in effect to ask publishers and consumers who they trust with all their data: Google or the rest of the Web?
  • HipChat Is Yammer For The Masses – For any small business, there’s no question that efficient internal communication is key. That’s doubly true in today’s world, where many companies have team members scattered around the world. There are communication platforms out there that look to tackle this, but many of them are either time consuming to setup or aren’t really designed for your ‘everyman’ small business or organization. Enter HipChat, a startup that wants to be the communication platform that any business or organization can get up and running in a matter of minutes. The service launches today in private beta, and the first 100 people to enter “TECHCRUNCH” as their invite code will be able to start their own company networks (you only need one code to invite your entire company).
  • Priming The Revenue Pump, Twitter Tests Multi-Account Support – As it notes on its blog, Twitter is testing a new feature it calls “Contributors.” Basically, this allows business accounts to be controlled by multiple Twitter users. Yes, it’s a form of multi-account support. For example, if any of us who work for TechCrunch were given the proper permission by the account owner, we could control this account from our own individual Twitter accounts. This includes the ability to DM people, follow new users, and most importantly, tweet from it. And if you were to tweet from it using your own account, your Twitter name would be appended onto the bottom of that tweet (see image).
  • TwitVid Launches Analytics and Real-time Search for Videos on Twitter – If you share your own video clips on Twitter, chances are you use or have used TwitVid, a service that easily integrates with mobile Twitter clients and with your Twitter account.
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