It’s Hard, But Don’t Feed The Trolls

TrollIt’s hard on Social Media to avoid them. They’re ugly, stinky and bad tempered. Trolls are the bane of everyone’s existence online. You can avoid them and we’ve all have given in and fought back against them. But I’m here to tell you to stop fighting them. Don’t feed the trolls.

The greatest way to put any bully out of their miserable pathetic online life is to not respond and ignore them. Continue about your day online and off without a second thought about them.

You see they feed off your anger, your contempt and your retort.

In the end if you don’t feed the trolls they will shrink and eventually disappear. If they don’t, it won’t matter because you won’t be paying any attention to them.

About Seth Goldstein

Seth Goldstein is the owner of Goldstein Media LLC a Web Design and Internet Marketing firm in suburban Philadelphia. Having been a journalist for more than 4 years prior to his adventures on the Web, Seth is always looking for new ways to put his journalism training to good use. Seth is the co-editor of A2SM and the co-host of the A2SM podcast. You can check out his personal blog at Seth's on Twitter as @sethgoldstein.

  • Jody Raines

    There are far too many trolls, Seth.  I agree. The best way to treat a person who is intent on being mean and disruptive is to ignore them.  Recognizing their nonsense only makes them try harder to be ignorant.