A2SM Podcast #88 – Only You Can Protect The Internet



Eric Schmidt Doubles Down On SOPA Bill, Describing It As “Censorship,” “Draconian”

Last Week Was Google+’s Third-Biggest Yet for Traffic [STUDY]

Google Buys Katango To Solve The Labor Of G+ Circles

YouTube To Get A User-Friendly Facelift

Google launches music store with social sharing, indie artist hub

Don’t Be Too Disappointed By Google Music’s Lackluster Debut

Google lets you opt out of location database

Third Party Tools To Help Manage Your Google+ Page

Google Checkout Merging Into Google Wallet


Facebook Adds PayPal App

Facebook Brings Back the Old “Most Recent” News Feed Option (But It’s Kind of Hidden)

Remains of the Day: The FTC Requires Opt-In for Facebook Privacy Changes

Facebook Porn Was ‘Self-Inflicted JavaScript Injection’  
Porn and Violent Images Infest Facebook

Facebook Updates Events, Makes “Not Attending” Less Insulting


Reporters Use Twitter to Promote, Not Report [STUDY]

Twitter Can Predict Who’s Winning the GOP Presidential Race [STUDY]
Current Twitter Studies Not All Accurate

Twitter visualizes every Tweet mentioning “11.11.11″

In Other News

Diaspora Co-Founder Ilya Zhitomirskiy Passes Away At 22
Diaspora Founder Ilya Zhitomirskiy: Dead at 22 by Suicide
Following Founder’s Passing, Diaspora Opens Redesigned Alpha To Invitees

Klout CEO apologizes for minors profiles

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  • http://jbdcolley.com John Colley

    Thanks for the heads up on this SOPA issue – really scary!  Imagine what European Governments would do with this precedent – on second thoughts don’t!
    I have done a piece for this tomorrow on my blog with a link back to you Guys – my compliments to you for highlighting an important issue in a strong and effective edition!
    Speak soon

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