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Is This The End (Or Beginning) of Geotargeted Social Applications: Google Waze

A couple of years ago, we did a podcast where we discussed Foursquare and how we are (or aren’t) using the application.  While I admit that I do still have a profile on Foursquare, I’ve consciously stopped adding my location.   There are several reasons why, but not the least of which is that I [...]

Review: Headfirst HTML with CSS & XHTML

Internet marketing and social media marketing are dependent upon having a strong understanding of the language of the Internet.  HTML is the language of the web, and it’s practically impossible to send out an eNewsletter without knowing a ‘bit’ of code. Understanding how HTML and CSS and XHTML work together, and how to create a [...]

A2SM Podcast #91 – Twitter’s New Features

In this episode Neal, Seth and Jody discuss Twitter’s new features, Google+ allowing phone calls in hangouts, Facebook is nipping at Google’s heals and letting private photos go public and much more.

A2SM Podcast #90 – Neal’s Hacking

In this episode Neal, Seth and Jody talk about the benefits of Google Plus, whether or not the FTC/Facebook ruling will do anything, Arabic is the fastest growing language on Twitter and much more.

A2SM Podcast #89 – The Pepper Spray Edition

We’re missing Neal (he’s on Daddy duty), so Seth and Jody are joined by the Queen of Google+ herself Lynette Young. In this episode the gang talks about Google+ trending topics, Lt. Pike and the pepper spraying incident at UC Davis going viral on the web, Facebook is acting like Prodigy and much more.

A2SM Podcast #88 – Only You Can Protect The Internet

In this episode Neal, Seth and Jody talk about how the record and movie industries are about to bring down the Internet, Google+ has it’s third best week for traffic, Youtube gets a facelift, Twitter can predict who will win the presidency in the US and much more.

A2SM Podcast #87 – Two Thirds Improved

In this episode Neal, Seth and Jody discuss the best features of the new Google+ brand pages and what they failed on. They also discuss Facebook’s popularity and it’s effect on local ballot initiatives and much more.

A2SM Podcast #86 – Google’s Got It

In this episode Neal, Seth and Jody are joined by Robert Anderson from the The Definitive Guides To Google+. Topics include the new additions to Google+, Facebook having trouble with security, Twitter straying off, Klout sucks and we tell you why and much more.

It’s Hard, But Don’t Feed The Trolls

It’s hard on Social Media to avoid them. They’re ugly, stinky and bad tempered. Trolls are the bane of everyone’s existence online. You can avoid them and we’ve all have given in and fought back against them. But I’m here to tell you to stop fighting them. Don’t feed the trolls.

A2SM Podcast #85 – Exposed and Hyper

In this episode Neal, Seth and Jody discuss Google starting to allow pseudonyms on Google+, one Googler’s reply-all nightmare, Facebook keeps getting in trouble, there’s a new Twitter phishing scam and much more.